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19. února 2016 v 17:05 | Lady Psychotronia |  Skládka shitů mých, co z pusy já vyklopím.
I've been thinking about this for really long time ago.
I am not going to shot down my blog, I really do love to write and think about my stories, but i feels like a have to do more than just sits in my room and thinking.
Are you wondering what am I going to do? Honestly, I don't know.

It's been a three days when i starts feels like... i am not myself anymore. I may act normal, but something happened.
I'm repeating I don't know what exactly happened it may stop, it may not. I am dealing with myself again. [i am trying to do myself tattoo lol my hand hurts ass fuck]

So... I am here to just say dont worry. I'm not ending with writing, if some one is interest.
And no I am not taking any break. You know i dont even need one cause Im not writing I just do plans what and how to write.

So, can you give me some time? There will be no happy updates or just another shity blah blah, just short and quick updates.

I hope you will still like my writing, or just the few of you who are that nice to leave comments and positive stars. [i don't care about the 'haters' anymore, haters suck]

See ya all in next update or chapter.
HAVE A NICE DAY! Better than mine.

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1 Ady | Web | 19. února 2016 v 23:23 | Reagovat

I kinda do know how you feel. Like ofc I can't know exactly how it feels like. But I've got this kind of feeling like I'm not myself anymore since.. Well, I don't even know since when. It's been a long time...
I just wanted to say that if you would like to talk to somebody I'm here. I know we barely know each other but still.. We don't even need to talk about this. Ya know, just if you would like to take your mind off. ^^
Hope it'll get better. Fighting~!

2 Karis | E-mail | Web | 20. února 2016 v 19:01 | Reagovat

Well, srsly I know that feels, I feel like that in these days. It´s like I don´t even know myself.
Hope, these feelings will disappear soon. You´re the best, u can do it, so...fighting?
I´m sorry for not giving ya any comments, but u know... I don´t like iKon at all, just one song xD So I don´t read iKon FF xD
I´m looking forward to seeing you again!!Hope u get better soon!
Anyways, sorry for my poorr english, but u wrote this article in english, so I wanted to answer in eng, u know xD
Be strong!!

3 Bajuu ㅇ ㅅ ㅇ | 25. února 2016 v 20:02 | Reagovat

Muggiaah to bude v klidku.Podporim te po Hanbinovsku ~ eeehuuuaaah?eeeeee aaeeuuu eeeoo aaaeeoo. \(°• °)/
{Psala bych v english jako ostatni, ale me mizerne parodii na tento exoticky jazyk mas myslim dost ve skole) *^*

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